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The Basis of Unit Testing

Some months ago I took the journey to write my first ebook about something that I feel can be valuable for people who are interested in a subject that is really important in any decent project: Unit Testing ✅.

The idea behind this book is to give developers some important directions on how to write unit tests.

What to test, How to test and When to test are the questions I try to answer and explain in an easy way. And most importantly, I try to do that regardless of platform/language, because the concepts of unit testing is in fact platform independent.

Apart from writing I have also been doing all the art for the ebook, which is something I also enjoy doing and am learning a lot.

Now I'm writing this blog post to give access to some Free chapters of this ebook! 📖 🎉

The ebook is not complete yet, but you can start reading before anybody else and I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestion to make it better.

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